Quantification of adverse skin reactions secondary to mask wearing using 3-dimensional imaging technology: A prospective cohort study


July 2021

3D beauty is now a reality

3D facial scanning system that is set to transform the future of aesthetics


July 2021

Dermatologic Scar Assessment With Stereoscopic Imaging and Digital Three-Dimensional Models:      A Validation Study

Jan 2021

A combination of 1064 nm Q-switched fractional ND-YAG laser with a nonfractional microsecond pulsed technology has a synergistic effect for nonablative facial rejuvenation

Dec 2020

3D imaging technique measures severity of atrophic acne scars

Oct  2020

Novel Stereoscopic Optical System for Objectively Measuring Above-Surface Scar Volume-First-Time Quantification of Responses to Various Treatment Modalities

Jun 2018