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A study on a NEW treatment of atrophic acne scars, published in Wiley Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. The patients were evaluated before and 3 months after treatment for scar volume deficit by Cherry Imaging’s high-resolution three-dimensional imaging platform.

November 2021


Global Aesthetic conference 2021 Miami -
Tech Spotlights interview with Amir Schori, VP BD & Sales about CHERRY IMAGING's Unique Skin Vision Platform

November 2021


Quantification of adverse skin reactions secondary to mask wearing using 3-dimensional imaging technology: A prospective cohort study


July 2021

89357 [Converted]-01.png

3D beauty is now a reality

3D facial scanning system that is set to transform the future of aesthetics


July 2021


A stereoscopic optical system for objective quantification of the change in cumulative acne scar depth following various
treatment interventions

June 2021

Lasers in Surgery and Medicine logo.jpg

Dermatologic Scar Assessment With Stereoscopic Imaging and Digital Three-Dimensional Models:      A Validation Study

Jan 2021

A combination of 1064 nm Q-switched fractional ND-YAG laser with a nonfractional microsecond pulsed technology has a synergistic effect for nonablative facial rejuvenation

Dec 2020

3D imaging technique measures severity of atrophic acne scars

Oct  2020

Novel Stereoscopic Optical System for Objectively Measuring Above-Surface Scar Volume-First-Time Quantification of Responses to Various Treatment Modalities

Jun 2018

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