Frequently asked questions

What is the Cherry Imaging platform?

Cherry is the most advanced imaging system for the aesthetic market with proprietary state of the art optical design, hardware and software for a new imaging experience for physicians that want objective and real results for their patients, for optimization of their aesthetic procedures and for helping physicians in managing their patient relationship.

  • One system for all aesthetic imaging needs: Face, Body and any other skin/body parts.
  • Large area coverage with 100 micron accuracy.
  • Easy to use. NO need for patient positioning or alignment to “before” photos. No need for a dedicated room in the clinic.
  • Built-in Objectivity - Integrated illumination system, insensitive to room lightning conditions, positioning excellent illumination repeatability.
  • Accurate tracking over time with fully automated alignment algorithms.
Software package optimized for aesthetic procedures: fillers and toxins, skin wrinkles and skin roughness, high resolution volume measurements for body and face, pigmentation analysis and tracking over time.

How does the Cherry scanner work?

The scanner is a handheld camera that captures a three-dimensional image of the face and body with a single one-click scan. It scans a thousand or more micro 3D images and stitches them together into one composite 3D model. The scanner follows the contours of the patient’s body. All the micro 3D images are then processed through the innovative Trace software, capturing the patient’s data in real time.

How does Cherry Imaging create objective imaging?

While doing a scan, the Cherry Scanner uses its own internal lighting, which ensures the objectivity and accuracy of each scan. After the patient has been scanned, the Trace software uses our advanced algorithms designed to measure specific parts of the body, providing an objective and accurate measurement of the entire morphology of the patient’s skin. Each scan processes the data using analytical algorithms, so the results are always objective, and detail the exact state of the patient at the time. These measurements can then compared with future scans to show the progress of treatments in an objective fashion after multiple sessions.

Do I need to position my patients before I scan with Cherry?

The scanner works the same in all scanning conditions. As such, no patient positioning is necessary. The patient simply needs to sit comfortably and maintain the same facial expression as you perform the scan. This will allow the scan to take in the data of a patient’s body in its natural state without things that can cause disruptions in the scanning process. No special lighting is necessary either as the scanner has its own internal lighting. It is capable of capturing data under any lighting conditions with the same results each time.

Does Cherry measure both body and face? Any part of the body?

Cherry is the only system available in the market that creates 3D images for both the body and face in a handheld device. The scanner is capable of capturing information on any part of the body. The Trace software has unique features specific to the face, abdomen, arm, armpit, back, buttock and thigh which aid in taking and comparing measurements for these areas, along with pigmentation analysis.

What can I measure with the Trace by Cherry software?

The beauty of Cherry Imaging is not just the science behind it, but also the wide range in which a single, lightweight device can be used.

  • Fillers and Botox - measuring volume before and after injections and over time to monitor the dilution of materials
  • Skin Rejuvenation - measuring wrinkle length, depth and skin roughness
  • Scars - measuring above surface scar volume, elevation and depression for monitoring responses to various treatment modalities.
  • Body - measuring abdomen circumference and volume.
  • Pigmentation application and measurements

Is there automatic alignment with Trace by Cherry?

Yes! The Trace software has integrated automatic alignment, which allows you to easily align multiple scans taken at different times to make comparison easier. The Trace software has two alignment options, manual and automatic, and you can select which mode to use from the tools menu.

Does Trace track my patients over time and does Trace produce automated reporting?

The Trace software is designed to track patients over a period of time as treatments progress, giving an accurate and objective picture of how well the treatments are working over multiple sessions. Automated reports are available at the touch of a button to show a detailed history of the patient’s scans. Trace accurately measures scans at different points of time, and adds successive scans automatically with time stamps. You can analyze any part of the data, on any part of the body, and do the exact same analysis with a previous session, accurately measuring the differences in skin texture, scar visibility, wart volume, the circumference of the waist or thigh over a period of time accurately with empirical data. The data is also HIPAA compliant, which prevents personally-identifiable information from being accidentally divulged.

What can’t Cherry measure?

The Cherry Platform is not designed to capture hair count, nor can it capture the composition or internal measurements of a patient’s body. It is not designed to capture toxicology, blood flow, bone structure, or any other internal measurement. It is also not meant to capture data on a patient’s hands, feet, and other areas that may or may not be the subject of aesthetic medical treatments.

Is Trace by Cherry for me?

Trace is a mandatory tool for physicians who want scientific measurements and data for tracking of treatments over time. It was created for doctors who want to provide accurate and objective results to their patients and show them how their treatments are progressing ovre time. Moreover, it is for doctors who want to communicate with precise measurements and visual representations with the most accurate before and afters available in the market. The Cherry Imaging platform can operate in any room in your clinic, it is mobile and with a footprint of a laptop.