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Cherry Imaging Scientific System creates precise face and body Skin Morphology models to trace changes over time

Cherry Imaging is founded  upon decades of experience  in aesthetic medicine and is introducing the very first device  in the world to precisely and accurately  measure before and after aesthetic medical treatments.

The Cherry system combining a powerful 3D scanner with proprietary Trace software, arming doctors with accurate and objective data enabling them to discuss treatment results with patients and trace progress over time  

How it Works?


Using the handheld scanner thousands of images are captured from multiple angles


The algorithm analyzes the images and creates precise skin morphology model with a 100 micron accuracy


The Trace™ software analyzes the data, tracing the changes over time, automatically

Turning Thousands of Images Into Graphs

The innovative, handheld scanner captures thousands of three-dimensional images of the face and body from multiple field views and angles. Each scan captures the finest subtleties in texture and smallest changes in volume.

Proprietary algorithms analyze the images captured, providing 100-micron accuracy level data of the body and face to doctors and their patients for real-time evaluation of treatment results and traceability over time.

Applicable for

  • Fillers and Botox volume and wrinkles to monitor treatment effectiveness

  • Skin Rejuvenation – wrinkles length, depth and skin roughness

  • Pigmentation and Redness

  • Scars – elevation, depression volume and area                      

  • Body – Measuring volume changes, cellulite and stretch marks.


"With Cherry Imaging I can easily and conveniently obtain 

objective scientific measurement that impact my

research and my interactions with patients" 

Dr. Roy Geronemus

Laser and Skin Surgery Center NY

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