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A NEW Patient Aesthetic Journey


Full SKIN 3D imaging platform

designed  for Research

Cherry Imaging has developed a Unique Skin Vision Platform that combines a powerful, easy-to-use 3D multispectral scanner with innovative algorithms and software. The Cherry platform was designed to address the growing needs of aesthetic clinics focusing on increasing clinic profitability through transforming physician/patient communication to a scientific evidence-based level​.


Cherry Imaging has developed FACE by Cherry - a complete solution for aesthetic clinics enhancing the level of aesthetic care. FACE enables physicians to digitalize their clinic flow, communicate more effectively with their patients, increase patient post treatment satisfaction and increase clinic profitability. 


Innovative, handheld scanner captures thousands of three-dimensional images of the face and body from multiple field views and angles. Each scan captures the finest subtleties in texture and smallest changes in volume. Proprietary algorithms analyze the images captured, providing 100-micron accuracy level data of the body and face.

Artificial Intelligence based measurements to automatically Identify aesthetic problems and trace them over time.  Dozens of analytical tools designed for doctors and their patients for real-time evaluation of skin condition, and treatment results.


  • Volume of fillers

  • Area and volume of moles and scars

  • Elevation/Depression

  • Skin roughness

  • Pigment & redness

  • Cellulite

  • Acne scars 


Cloud bases platform that allows to access the data from anywhere and by any device.

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thousands of 3D images of the face
from multiple field views and angles

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“When it comes to the benefits for the clients, it is a game changer as they get to see their face close up like never before, allowing us to target together the areas they may want to work on. And have a real sense and view of the outcome, treating the whole face rather than in isolation.”

“Dr Nicoloso shows me he can see everything from the depth of my wrinkles, size of facial lines, percentage of cheek collagen and so forth”

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From: GLAMOUR UK - Online 

Dermatology Times,
November 2020 (Vol. 41, No. 11)

we are global

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OUR Team

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Dr. Shimon Eckhouse



Dr. Vardit Eckhouse

Co-founder &   Chief Scientist


Dr. David Aziz

Optical designer & Co-founder

 Saar Wollach



Idoo Goren


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Haya Anuka

Marketing Director

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