The beauty of Cherry Imaging is not only in the science behind it, but also the wide range of applications in which a single, lightweight device can be used. Each new scan calculates a comprehensive skin analysis that can be used to accurately and objectively treat patients for anti-aging, weight loss, scar reduction, and more.


Fillers & Botox

Measure skin volume before and after injections and wrinkle improvement to monitor the dilution of materials over time and inform patient treatments and follow ups with real data.

Skin Rejuvenation

Measure the length and depth of wrinkles, as well as skin roughness (textures) to inform on areas for treatment and report on overall improvement.




Measure the surface scar volume, elevation and depression to record a baseline pre-treatment and continue to monitor responses to various treatment modalities over time.


Measure the circumference and volume of any part of the body to identify optimal areas for treatment and report back to the patient on successful reductions in treated areas.